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Synonyms for Descriptive research in Free Thesaurus. namely Exploratory research, Experimental research, and Descriptive research are to be used.Therefore exploratory research results in insights or hypothesis, regardless of the method adopted, the most important thing is that it should remain flexible so that all the facets of the problem can be studied, as and when they arise.Title: Exploratory Research and Qualitative Analysis Author: technology Support Last modified by: Campus Technology Services Created Date: 9/17/1997 10:36:48 PM.Exploratory research design is conducted for a research problem when the researcher has no past data or only a few studies for.Difference Between Treasury Management and Financial Management.Descriptive research, on the other hand, aims at describing something, mainly functions and characteristics.Purpose of exploratory research pdf Have multiple purposes or may be part of a program of research that spans.

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Exploratory research is a type of research conducted for a problem that has not been clearly defined. The purposes are exploratory, descriptive and explanatory.

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However, it is structured in the case of descriptive research.

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Descriptive research project --Descriptive research projects are designed to provide systematic information.

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When it comes to statistical design, exploratory research has no pre-planned design for analysis.

The people often juxtapose exploratory research and descriptive research, but the fact is that they are different.The exploratory research design is suitable for studies which are flexible enough to provide an opportunity for considering all the aspects of the problem.Descriptive Research concentrates on formulating the research objective, designing methods for the collection of data, selection of the sample, data collection, processing, and analysis, reporting the results.

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Meaning Explorartory research means a research conducted for formulating a problem for more clear investigation.It uses methods like quantitative analysis of secondary data, surveys, panels, observations, interviews, questionnaires, etc.The descriptive research aims at obtaining complete and accurate information for the study, the method adopted must be carefully planned.Descriptive research is typically depicted in research texts as being on the lowest rung of the quantitative research design hierarchy.

Exploratory research is a type of research conducted for a problem that has not been.

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Exploratory research on success factors and challenges of Smart City Projects by Natalia Kogan Advised by Dr.Exploratory Research is research conducted for a problem that has not been studied more clearly, establishes priorities, develops operational definitions and improve.


Unlike exploratory research, descriptive research is preplanned and structured in design so.

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The four parameters of research will help us understand how descriptive research in general is similar to, and different from, other types of research.On the contrary, in descriptive research, the overall design should be rigid which protects against bias and also maximise reliability.Non-probability sampling i.e. judgment or purposive sampling design is used in exploratory research.

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Research conducted for formulating a problem for more clear investigation is called exploratory research.Examples of Exploratory, Descriptive, and Causal Research Questions.If you wish to view your Favorite Channels from anywhere on the site, click on the My Favorites link.Exploratory Research The Purpose of Exploratory Research: Good Research Questions Years ago, before the advent of CAT scanners and other noninvasive medical.

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