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The Cons of Term Limits for Congress. 1. Undemocratic Democracy requires voters have the opportunity to select their elected representatives but term limits control.Congressional term limits have been widely debated and despite many initiatives from across the country have not been legislated.Country pays costs of elections and the people elected make a very very good wage to attract quality.If we limit the tenure of legislators, we theoretically impose on them a time limit in which they have to exercise their efforts to realize the campaign promises they make.

Term limits for Congress are amenable to some while others doubt that it will ever be enacted.

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The voting public is anxious to express their opinion on Congressional term limits and this online referendum gives you an ideal way of doing it.Some form of term limits are worth the fight to get in place.

If we really want to decriminalize Washington it would have to be through campaign finance reform.Another argument of opponents of term limits for Congress is its possible effect on public works and legislation projects started before the election of a new legislator.

Term Limits as a Response to Incumbency Advantage

For purposes of this section, the election or appointment of a person to fill a vacancy in the Senate shall be included as 1 term in determining the number of terms that such person has served as a Senator if the person fills the vacancy for more than 3 years.One concern that I have though is, would this just encourage them to try to do all the damage they can more quickly, before they are booted out of office, thereby bringing about negative consequences even sooner.I agree term limits is the one thing we can do to benefit this country that will have the greatest impact on the Washington mess.Favoring and Opposing of Term Limits Term limits have been very controversial over the years.One of the reasons I did not vote for President Obama is that I felt he did not have the experience needed to do the job.

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Many Americans seem to complain, but look at the statistics on the percentage of the population that actually votes.Thank you for the opportunity to appear before this distinguished Subcommittee in support of Congressional term limits, an attractive butterfly I have chased.We have made Washington DC and the surrounding area a kind of economic super zone to a large degree immune to the economic distress of the rest of the country.

The 22nd Amendment limits the length of service of the President.We can no longer accept the absurdity of the current situation in DC.As long as the current government is in power, this pattern will continue.Lastly the bill should also include anyone currently in office.Congressional term limits would encourage voters to get more engaged with the election process.

Those Obscene Bank accounts will not Buy a Single drink of water in their Final Abode.I think a certain number of them are going to be owned, no matter who they are.Can you see they are there to get rich and to screw us, the people who voted them in.In my opinion he is by far the finest Senator we have and he is term limiting himself in 2016 because he believes in term limits.The best thing would be serve because of the good you could do for our country.

It recognizes that longtime committee leaders can become captive of the interests and agencies they oversee.The 29th Amendment must be enacted to change the term limits for all of Congress.Absence of term limits allows the existence and further strengthening of corrupt coteries and status quos.

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The 22nd Amendment passed the Republican Congress in 1947, and it aimed to do to Franklin D.This is a tremendous overhaul of our electoral system, but it is one that matches the seriousness of our problem.

Start a state by state movement for a term limits constitutional amendment.Shah, Most of your responders bemoan the fact that those in office will never vote for this proposed amendment.

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