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I appreciate getting help from Keith Nelson and Ira Harris I came in there get a few things for my garden and they help me load it up.When I emailed their so-called customer service, they refused to help me.Over the next several weeks, we spent many hours speaking with customer service representatives from the warranty company, but were getting.We ordered replacement windows and French doors signing the contract in late July.

We have been spending money there non stop lately as we are doing a lot of work on the house.I followed all the directions it had for storing it until winter.I spend about 20K a year at Home Depot which is a drop in the bucket for this big box store giant.

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Everyone of you customers that come in home depot to belittle the employees or to even complain about the smallest things or to even act as if you knew how it is to be in our shoes.After waiting a week a time was set up for them to install the Chamberlain opener.

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She was there to help me, even when I realized her shift was up.I was a nervous wreck spending all the money and trying to select between brands.This is the phone number for Home Depot Chairman and CEO Frank.

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I called to check and see if they had a certain Christmas tree and she was so nice and helpful even though they were swamped.If I ever have a problem I know that she will find the answers I need.Next morning we get a call from Home Depot demanding to know when they could pick up the refrigerator, at this point we had not been credited.When I called Home Depot to let them know I was not happy, they said they were sorry but they had had a.I purchased a Brand New Ariens snowblower (off season) March of 2015 from Home Depot.Drdpharris. or lumber that you just picked up at Home Depot,.

AFTER CALLING FOR 2 HOURS i WAS TOLD THAT ITEM WILL NOT BE DELIVERED THAT DAY.She was grumpy and failed to mention that if she was crediting my debit card back it could hold up the money being put back onto my card by 48 hours to two weeks.In September with Seattle rainy and stormy weather windows started leaking.Bad Customer service. It should state: Bad customer, Serviced.He happily interrupted what he was doing and took me straight to the 3 different places for my supplies - 1 inside the store and the other 2 outside.

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The grout only lasted 2 years it coming out and they will not do anything about it cause it only has a 1year warranty.This is the worst company in customer services, never go there again.I have a slight bias towards Home Depot over Lowes because my spouse used to work there but the one on Richards Santa Fe has good employees and bad employees attitudes.We have had the refrig about 7 months before it started to have problems.But The Home Depot community doesn’t stop at. at The Home Depot is customer service.Clopay Doors (manufacturer) And Ae Door Sales (installation) (1).All we wanted was some microwave popcorn and thanks to the idiots at Home Depot, we have a huge mess, a HUGE expense, and a nice microwave that keeps getting more and more expensive.

Home Depot has only one garage door opener installer in the Coachella Valley.To my complete dismay, Home Depot could not even get a hold of.This brightened my day, the fact that someone would care enough togoout of their way to make my life a little bit easier.They set up then let go Paul Sampson from the Pro Desk,Ken Grant from the Hardware Dept and Andy Partap and Tramm Hyunh.

No concern from the Park Meadows Lone Tree store that this had happened, only excuses.We were told they would be back in 6 weeks to finish the job and replace the panel and install the screen door. 3 months later, NOTHING.

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I have spoken with the manufacturer, home depot and the store manager of home depot but no one has been helpful.Cutting hours and demanding improved Customer Service is counter.After each visit from LG she contacted me and I informed her of what they did.We waited looking at some merchandise she then finishedhercall and proceeded to ignore us.To many times people jump to conclusions and it will work against them.The Home Depot, Inc. is an American home improvement supplies retailing company that sells tools, construction products, and services.I watch as he went in back of my car and started writing something down, probably my lisense plate number.So if you ask them do you have any more of such and such they look blank.He said I must purchase it and test in front of customer service.

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