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Lightweight staples will be ineffective on flooring projects, for example, while heavy-duty staples can destroy more delicate projects.By understanding the various models, features, and options, buying a staple gun can be a much less challenging task.

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Mini glue guns are easy to hold, and great for use in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.

The Arrow-T50VP-Heavy-5-Piece-Stapler is made of steel construction and has finished chrome to enhance the look.

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Brand New Product Made in Germany. 1800 Caps per package. 6 Rolls per tube.This gun feels like a T5 gun that never hits where you point it at.

Staple guns are split into three basic categories: electric, manually powered, or pneumatic.

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The gun offers a quick release and a staple magazine that will hold 100 staples at a time.Find out for yourself what makes these such great self defense weapons.These heavy duty staplers will help finish projects that look professionally done and will complete the task in a fast and efficient manner.

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This pneumatic stapler has all the power needed for most home jobs.

LOUD and SMOKEY Paper Roll Caps for guns that use paper roll caps or pull off caps.Wile not as effective as a nail gun when completing certain construction tasks, the pneumatic model is versatile and powerful enough to help with heavy-duty projects like affixing roof materials, or installing thick and heavy flooring.Best before label guns offer users a quick and effective solution to mark and apply best before date labels to perishable products.The gun will provide smooth application of the melted glue for whatever project you have.Do you want custom price labels pre-printed with your company name.

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There is a carrying case included to keep everything together and organized.Find great deals on eBay for paper gun targets and shooting targets.Long-Term Gun Storage. or any gun safe is your best bet if you are keeping your gun at home.

Whether you need to patch a corner of torn upholstery, replace kitchen chair covers, or installing insulation, a staple gun can make just about any home improvement project easier.

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Based on over 3,000 votes, Laser Minigun is ranked number 1 out of 133 choices.With push-fed models, you insert the glue stick into the hole at the back of the tool and apply pressure to it with your thumb to feed the glue through the nozzle.

This is a hand operated stapler that works well on weather stripping, insulation, small fencing, upholstery and other stapling projects.

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How to Make a Paper Gun That Shoots - ( Rubber Band Paper Gun with Trigger ).A few manufacturers offer glue guns that operate with batteries.They can drive multiple fasteners per minute, but the trigger must be pressed to drive each staple or fastener.

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