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Without any choices, she listens to her parents and work for Alec.The novel suggests the talent of people from national environment.Brain Philips in his The Study Guides of Tess states that Tess is shaped into a heroine of myth.Born in the society that is deep rooted with conventions, the baby boy is not accepted by anyone except for Tess herself.

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She aspires to provide for herself and remain a single woman.Later, when Angle comes back from Brazil, Tess finds Alec cheats her once again, she feels so intolerable with the hatred towards Alec that accumulated from the previous to the present and she finally kills him in the moment he slanders her with sharp words.

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Her unique characteristics are so distinctive that can even cover up all her defects.Mrs. Durbeyfield urges Tess to never disclose her past to Angel as he may reject her forthwith.

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Hardy takes the challenge to define Tess as a pure woman in the subtitle.Further more, her defects in characteristics mostly results from her social background and life experience, which are dramatically unfair to her.In this scene, Hardy displays the traditional Victorian double standards, in which it was considered acceptable and common for young men to have sexual escapades in their past however, shameful and controversial for women to have committed the same mistakes.

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More tragically, she judges herself with the moral standard which makes her degree of the tragedy more deep and impressive.Angel searches diligently for tess and finds her at her home with her husband alec.

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This decision leads her to liberate herself from her family and seek her own way in life.It belongs to the belles letters style,sub-style is emotive.

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It is obvious that she has the strong desire for maintaining her integrity.

This to some extent can explain why Tess appears gracefully and distinctively all the time.The most outstanding one is her purity, integrity, and loyalty.Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement.

Born in a poverty-stricken family with a lot of brothers and sisters and an alcoholic father, Tess is unfairly dominated by the fate that she has to sacrifice herself for the livelihood of her whole family.Essays in Criticism: A Quarterly Journal of Literary Criticism 31.4.

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This region was somewhat backward in the late nineteenth century.

Her stay at her parents is unbearable, and she opts to seek employment elsewhere without telling her parents of her real predicament.This can be clearly seen, when Tess started to take the beehives to the market herself (Hardy 2008).

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Hardy illustrates Angel as being a man with many good qualities and equally as flawed.Setting aside her tragic destiny, it is she traditional thinking that makes her trapped.The murder of Alec is the only way for Angel and Tess to be together peacefully.

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He assumes the role of a rich man despite the fact that, in reality, he remains a poor one (Hardy 2008).

Young she is, she never tries to deceived her mind and be the one follows the faulty moralities.The main character Tess is a typical represent of tragic life.

Tess confesses her past to Angel leading to his disappointed reaction.When Prince died in accident, Tess blamed herself and thought its death was all her fault.She attempts to disclose him everything by writing a note to Angel, but he is oblivious of the conflict within her (Hardy 2008).She blames her mother for not giving her forewarning on such issues.

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However, because she lives in an unfairly conventional society, she eventually cannot shake off the shackles of traditional social values.Her defects, furthermore, mainly cause by the social environment and her miserable fate.However, in the late 19th century, those aristocrats can no more maintain their status for some reasons.

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